Upholstery and Pull-out Beds

I’ve made some progress on the bedding;  rather than tackle the upholstery myself (I even bought an antique Singer 301 for the job). I opted to sub it out and I’m glad I did!


I sourced some vintage fabric from Kimberly Z on Esty and ordered the foam pads and bolsters from Foam-n-More online and had Peter the upholster put it all together.  I’m pretty sure my own attempt would have been less than satisfactory and surely no where near the level of craftsmanship I got from Peter.

I also took the trailer down off the jack stands for the first time and took her on her maiden voyage around the neighborhood, hooked up to our newly-acquired tow rig; a 1986 Chevy Suburban Silverado:


The combo handled great and we are heading down to Leo Carillo State Park next week for our first campout, even though we have a bit more to finish… Bon voyage!


The Latest


Here’s a overdue shot of how the DuFrene looks today.  I have many more photos of the interior work that I am anxious to share, and promise to do so when life calms down a bit.

In the meantime, here’s a teaser:

Rebuilding the Door

Next I moved onto the door, which I made a new redwood frame and polished the skin:



Here it is temporarily hung with the original hinge until I can source a replacement stainless steel hinge with the proper wide spacing between the leaves to accommodate the correct weatherstripping:



Next I am working on the window frames and sashes and hopefully will soon have some photos to show my progress there;  Stay tuned!


The bottom front panel had a large dent below the window that I realized I could not live with; it was all I saw when I looked at my trailer!  I ordered a 4′ x 8′ mill finish .060″ aluminum panel from Mcmaster-Carr in Santa Fe Springs, polished it and took it to Canoga Sheet Metal here in the Valley and had them put the bead detail on the bottom and fab the Pittsburg Lock on the top.



Next I re-worked the flat window frame from the front of the trailer to follow the contour of the new framework by relief cutting the back side of the aluminum frame on the table saw and hand bending some aluminum stops to hold the new smoked Lexan panel in place:





The original flat window made the front look “crushed in ” and detracted from the wonderful swooping curves of the trailer.  I’m happy with the result:



Up and Over

Here’s a shot of the roof skin going on:



I interlocked the polished panels on the bench, looped a rope through the tail light cutouts and pulled the whole thing up and over the new spruce framework.

LED Marker light conversion

Here’s a quickie video of how I converted my old Bargman marker lights to LED

Little Things

I contacted a graphics company to reproduce my logo this week. It will be vinyl graphic rather than silkscreened, but I’m ok with that.
Here’s a link from the logo plate from the DuFrene trailer in the Gilmore Museum in Michigan:

dufrene logo 1

I also came across this shot of a former resident of the trailer. My girls loved this:


My welder friend Brian also stopped by this week to see what can be done to repair a damaged panel from the roof section … looks like we will cut out the offending section and graft a new piece in so she will be water tight. I will post some pics when we get on that. Stay tuned!